Teaching English is one the most amazing ways to discover the world! You will tread through exotic backstreets, pick up foreign languages, bargain at colorful markets, and share laughter, friendships and experiences in a way the typical tourist never can. This happens by living and working within a community outside of the tourist bubble. You're not limited to one place either. Looking for some Asian culture? Sign up for a 1 year contract in China. Crazy for Carnivale? Next stop Rio! With an accredited myTEFL.net course under your belt and certificate in hand, you'll have the confidence and qualifications to pursue your dreams.

The TEFL is widely recognized as a solid foundation program by most institutes and schools seeking qualified personnel and stands for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language".

All good TEFL courses provide the practical skills and knowledge necessary to successfully embark on a career teaching English. A comprehensive TEFL course covers Classroom Management, teaching specific skills including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, how to plan and execute an effective Curriculum, how to use Courseware, how to implement Multimedia into a classroom and much more. Once you complete your TEFL course, you will confidently slip into any classroom and take charge!


A TEFL course is relatively easy to complete, especially online courses like those that myTEFL.net provides. A 120 hour Professional Course can be completed over a 2 month period even when working a full-time job. Have the whole day free? You can finish your course in a few weeks! There is no set routine or schedule to follow; you choose when you study, be it early morning, late at night or during a lunch break.

The cost is significantly lower as well when compared to other related options. Pursuing a public school teaching qualification through University takes years. A CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), takes over 5 weeks of full-time intensive training on location, or else is completed over 12 weeks to a year part-time. These are both much more expensive options. It is recommended to consider more advanced training like the CELTA after having a bit of experience in the classroom. This way, you will get more from the course, and you will also have a better idea if teaching English will be a long term career choice before investing large amounts of time and money into it.

If you are considering the exciting EFL lifestyle,
the TEFL is a smart way to get into it successfully!